Mak for food industry

“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.” – Rick Pitino

With this thought in mind, MAK for Food Industry was established. Located in one of the major industrial parks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we currently produce different categories of chewing gum. In the pursuit of excellence, MAK for Food Industry plans to expand and diversify in the near future.

The company currently produces Stick gum, Blister Pack and Bottled Gum in different flavours, sizes and packaging. The chewing gums are available with and without sugar, thus ensuring that we have a pick for everyone.

Bahraini and Lebanese expertise, in both trading and industry came together to start this company, in order to build a successful enterprise, which benefits all stakeholders, including our host country and our consumers.
It is indeed Business Friendly Bahrain, and the Kingdom is a financial hub of the Middle East and that is a major reason why we decided to set up our facility in this country. We also feel welcome because of the immense support provided by the Government of Bahrain. The logistic facilities, rules and regulations of this country attracted us, and made us believe that this definitely should be our location.

According to the Global Market Reports, the chewing gum industry is showing massive growth across the world, and in particular, in the Middle East, GCC and North Africa region. MAK for Food Industry aims to lead the way from the front, with our target being not just the MENA region; we also have an eye on the Indian subcontinent and nearby Asian countries.
We believe in competing with ourselves to provide the consumers value for money. And that is why we continue to work, innovate and develop new products; the latest of our products is the functional range such as the slimming chewing gum and the energy gum, which makes us unique in this region.
The key business strategy of MAK for food Industry vis-à-vis regional competitors is to offer the consumer quality products, affordable to all social classes within the community.
We are planning to equip our factories with the latest technologies in machinery and methodology, in order to expand the chewing gum product range and hope to branch out and diversify into confectionary and beverages shortly.

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”– John W Gardner